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There are a million reasons you could go somewhere else to book your home, in fact there are a million sites, a million promises, so much jargon that it does “indeed” make your head spin. So why work with Luxury Lifestyle? What sets us apart from our competitor? Because let’s face it, the internet is the Wild West and sites are merely impressions, they are not people.

Strike, You’re Out!

That’s how we handle complaints about homes or resorts. We don’t take our time inspecting, marketing, promoting, booking our homes so that YOU (the traveler) is disappointed. We want you to make “us” part of your experience. If an owner is not on board, if you find displeasure with the house, we encourage you to let us know. We take these matters very seriously.

Dedicated Staff

Our staff consists of people who are dedicated to you. They will not just “book it” and disappear. They will guide you, actively research for you; help to design a wedding package, a culinary tour, a fully catered experience, even a private tour of Disney. You are in GREAT hands with our staff, our reviews show it. We absolutely CARE about your trip.

Licensed & Insured

We are not just another site, we have been evaluated, inspected, we are licensed as travel professionals, business professionals, and we are insured. We make it a business to be the “best” that we can be. That’s why our biggest business comes from repeat clients. We don’t want just your “rental,” we want your friendship.

We are always adding new inventory and special features for our clients. We take pride in making sure you get what you want. We also offer Military Discounts, Travel Agent Commissions, Wedding Planning, Private Yacht/Barge Charters, and so much more. Our Biggest fans are our Repeat clients; let us help you make your next vacation one for the books.


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15 Bedrooms | 15 Baths Private Island, Bahamas We invite you to experience incredible luxury in a remote yet connected place, with every possible wish at your ...

Price from: $455000 /weekly Photos

8 Bedrooms | 6.5 Baths | Pool | Game Room | Gym Orlando 62 Acre Private Island, Clermont, Florida Enter through the island's private gate, follow the ...

Price from: $13895 /weekly Photos

15 Bedrooms | 15 Baths | Private Island Necker Island, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean Necker, Sir Richard Branson’s private island paradise, is situated in the British Virgi...

Price from: $420000 /weekly Photos

Number of Bedrooms - 7 | Number of Bathrooms - 6 Little Whale Cay is an beautiful private island in the Bahamas which is available for ...

Price from: $73500 /weekly Photos

Kamalame Cay is a Private Island vacation rental in the Bahamas that is great for an entire family or friends to gather for holidays, weddings, ...

Price from: $41650 /weekly Photos

Number of Bedrooms - 12 | Number of Bathrooms - 13.5 Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay Private Island Rental in the Bahamas with ...

Price from: $262500 /weekly Photos

Number of Bedrooms - 3 | Number of Bathrooms - 5 Simply put, this is your private island: Our entire staff works for you, and only ...

Price from: $9950 /weekly Photos

Number of Bedrooms - 3 | Number of Bathrooms - 3

Wadigi Island is a unique and unforgettable 5 star destination. Discreetly hidden in ...

Price from: $14350 /weekly Photos
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