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There are a million reasons you could go somewhere else to book your home, in fact there are a million sites, a million promises, so much jargon that it does “indeed” make your head spin. So why work with Luxury Lifestyle? What sets us apart from our competitor? Because let’s face it, the internet is the Wild West and sites are merely impressions, they are not people.

Strike, You’re Out!

That’s how we handle complaints about homes or resorts. We don’t take our time inspecting, marketing, promoting, booking our homes so that YOU (the traveler) is disappointed. We want you to make “us” part of your experience. If an owner is not on board, if you find displeasure with the house, we encourage you to let us know. We take these matters very seriously.

Dedicated Staff

Our staff consists of people who are dedicated to you. They will not just “book it” and disappear. They will guide you, actively research for you; help to design a wedding package, a culinary tour, a fully catered experience, even a private tour of Disney. You are in GREAT hands with our staff, our reviews show it. We absolutely CARE about your trip.

Licensed & Insured

We are not just another site, we have been evaluated, inspected, we are licensed as travel professionals, business professionals, and we are insured. We make it a business to be the “best” that we can be. That’s why our biggest business comes from repeat clients. We don’t want just your “rental,” we want your friendship.

We are always adding new inventory and special features for our clients. We take pride in making sure you get what you want. We also offer Military Discounts, Travel Agent Commissions, Wedding Planning, Private Yacht/Barge Charters, and so much more. Our Biggest fans are our Repeat clients; let us help you make your next vacation one for the books.

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If you’d like to make a Reservation, please go to the villa you are interested in and proceed to click onto the Inquiry Button. That button will take you to the Reservation Page where you can Inquire for the Reservation. There is no “real” time booking as to ensure that there are no double bookings. Some international owners/manager may take up to 48 hours to respond due to the Time Difference, Holidays, or Weekend(s) closing hours. We are here to ensure your reservations are processed smoothly, professionally, and with accurate information.


If you would like to list your home, please click onto our List Your Property Link, located on the bottom on this page. The link is very comprehensive and inclusive of Q&A for both managers and owners. Please note we do not prefer to work on Net Rates unless the home is international and that is the only standard by which you work. This would mean that you are not offering the home yourself and instead are utilizing professionals to List & Market your home(s).


If you would like to market on our website or you would like more information about using our photography and materials, please email us on the link provided above. We currently offer marketing packages to vendors with who we work with on a regular basis. As well we do a mid-year marketing and print campaign which you may inquire about. If you are the owner of a publication, a marketing sales person, or you simply want to exchange links, please utilize the form above.


We are a platform for owners and managers, handling all incoming phone calls, emails and booking processes. This platform is inclusive of various vendors for wedding planning, luxury yacht chartering, yacht vacations, luxury charters of Jets and various International Tours (both private and group) through our licensed travel partnerships.


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